JMS is getting KoC in their next patch

2 07 2009

A friend of mine got information of the relase of KoC in JMS in their next patch here is the info:

Well, v1.64 is here… Too bad it’s an utter failure. They added two maps for Mirai Toukyou which you can’t get to until you complete the first four maps. The ONLY good thing in this patch (if you even want to call it good) is the Cygnus Pre-Quests. Yes, Cygnus is coming next patch! According to Nexon, the patch will be July 29th (yay, another birthday present for me Lol), the same day as Global’s Cygnus patch (according to their data [I don’t know if this is true or not]). Other than that, this patch was an epic fail. >_>

(Please excuse Excite for this crappy translations >_< )

-The content of the renewal of ver1.64 becomes as follows.

1.’Tokyo of the future’ The second update was done.

A new map, the monster, and quest were added.

2.The interface of the log in screen was changed.

・A detailed explanation was added.

・When the empty character slot was double-clicked, it came to be able to make a new character.

・All character confirmation became possible.

・It came to be able to input under bar “_” to the NexonID input column (each place in the game).

3.The point item was added.


・Marine sailor cap

Whole body of clothes

・Marine sailor

・Blue marine sailor

On clothes

・Milky Way T-shirt


・Robe of feathers

Riding cover

・Bright red Run a way

・Pink Fly high


・Marine sailor set

4.The item in the game was added.



・Aufheben [aposutoro]

Dei;-da] in wartime catastrophe

・I will stop it even times how many.

・Core Blades start

・Core Blades reckless driving

・Mystery of driving unit

・Core Blades control

・Father of “Symbol of peace”


・Knowledge of soul

・Misinterpreted intention (Kokoro)

・With the gramary, the science, and the space energy

・Blades hit.

・Destruction angel advent

・Dance and with the scattering shuttlecock

・The world to which it collapses and it goes


・Lullaby of collapse

・Zipangu and each desire

・To Zipangu and gentle tomorrow

・Zipangu and the prayer : exceeding the time-space.

Limited time quest

・The Star Festival legend of cherry blossoms

・Book of mysterious Cygnus

8.The campaign is held.

・Shortcut to the future. Zipangu Tokyo [hitottobi]. ?Return?

– The period: after of the maintenance end on Wednesday, July 1, 2009 Before it begins to maintain it on Wednesday, July 29

– Before it begins to maintain it on partially Wednesday, July 15


A new item was added to usual [gashapon].

11.The world change procedure was completed.

After of the maintenance on Wednesday, May 27, 2009To the maintenance beginning on Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Buy the world change ticket, and the data of the character that is applying for the world movement

The forwarding completion was done to the moving destination world.

All in all, we got : Two new Mirai Toukyou Maps, new Mirai Toukyou equipment, reduced money requirement to make all Mirai Toukyou equipment (except the earrings), Cygnus preview quests, some dumb, new gachapon item, and NX items (STILL NO KARMA SCISSORS), UI updates and a new song for the login screen


Also, one name was changed for the Cygnus classes for JMS:


Credits to Justin for the info